My Introduction to Fantasy

by Rose Hill

I’ve been reading (and writing) for as long as I can remember.  That’s the benefit of a literate culture, I suppose.  My mother read romance novels.  My maternal grandfather read action-packed Sci-Fi and Fantasy.  My paternal grandmother adored dragons.  

When I was really little, I remember reading things like The Babysitter’s Club.  But most of what I read in elementary school was Teen Horror.  I loved Fear Street and Christopher Pike, though I turned my nose up at the impossibility of things like Goosebumps (which is more than a little amusing to me now).  

That all changed in fifth grade.  In fifth grade myself and two of my friends all picked up a copy of Sandry’s Book from the school book fair.  Protagonists my age, white, brown and black skinned, of every background, both girls and a boy, fat, thin and muscled.  Just like the students around me.  Elemental magic to feed the budding Pagan in my soul.  It was perfect.  

I still read Tamora Pierce to this day and I probably will for as long as she continues to publish.  I recommend her books to anyone looking for YA Fantasy to read.  

As I grew up, my grandmother lent me her dragon books to read.  My grandfather introduced me to the delightful Dresden Files, and would bring me to Uncle Hugo’s every month to pick out new books to read.  My writing shifted from ghosts and serial kilers to magic-filled worlds.  

While I still enjoy Horror in the movies I watch (and darkness in the books I read), everything I write now is Fantasy.  I try to write Romance, and it’s between a witch and a couple of werewolves.  I try to do Sci-Fi werewolves and it comes out magitek space explorers.  Even my nightmares feature liches and wraiths.  (Though happily, I have enough normal dreams with dragons that I don’t mind.)  

Fantasy is what I read and write.  I have a short story published in a Neos Alexandria anthology called Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy.  I have a completed, dark, epic Fantasy novel currently in the revision stage.  I am in the midst of worldbuilding and planning for an adventure/political Fantasy that I’l be working on for NaNoWriMo.  I have dozens of other story ideas floating around, half-planned and just waiting for their chance in the sun.  


Happy dreaming.