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Month: September, 2017



Volume 1 for LIKE A SPELL is now out! Check out LIKE A SPELL: EARTH for some lesbian erotica between magic-users.

My story will be appearing in volume 4 of the series, LIKE A SPELL: WATER, which is slated to come out around March/April.


Book Review – God’s War

God’s War by Kameron Hurley is one of the best books I’ve read in a while.  A friend recommended it to me years ago, and now I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner.

This book is sort of Science Fantasy bugtech, which is exactly as weird and fascinating as it sounds.  It’s set in a desert warzone with a fantasy version of Islam all around.  It’s a wonderful change from the pseudo-Christianity and pseudo-Europe we usually see in Fantasy.  Our protagonist is a bisexual bounty hunter in a country dominated by women.

The writing itself is very short and to the point.  It was fairly “tell-y” at times, but that seemed to work for the style of the writing.  Keeping the sentences short and to the point is absolutely in-keeping with the narrative voice of Nyx, the protagonist.

I will say this is not a happy book.  This is not a book you read to pick yourself up, though it might be one you read for some catharsis.  This is graphically violent and doesn’t shy away from any of it.  In the same way that some of my previous reviews have said “this is not my style”?  Well, this book IS my style, but it might not be yours.

I will admit that I was already a fan of Hurley’s writing after reading The Geek Feminist, but now I’m going to have to seek out her other fiction as well.


Recommended for: fans of dark fantasy, feminist fantasy, people looking for POC protagonists, people looking for WOC protagonists, fans of Atomic Blonde, fans of bounty hunters and other low-life characters, people looking for queer protagonists