Book Review: Unbroken

by Rose Hill

Unbroken is an erotica novel set in the same world as the Port Lewis Witches by Brooklyn Ray. We get a cameo from a couple of characters from the other novellas and short stories, which is a nice little treat if you’re already a fan.

I knew I was going to buy this book the moment Ray posted this.

This is my exact ship dynamic. Like, exact. So I was pretty sure I was going to love this book going into it and I did. The demon is a good mix of human and not, the sex was hot, consent was regularly reaffirmed (a safe word was used and respected!), and the relationship between them was interesting. This book is first and foremost erotica though, rather than erotic romance. The relationship between Michael and the demon comes second to Michael’s personal development. There’s still fluff and romance in there, don’t get me wrong, but don’t expect it to be in the forefront the way you would for erotic romance or straight-up romance.

Part of Michael’s development is moving past an abusive relationship and it gives the book a weight that you might not otherwise expect from consent-focused erotica. His coping mechanisms aren’t necessarily healthy, but they are so very true to the way people actually react. Ray has said this is a very personal book for them in regards to how Michael relates to his trauma. It’s not treated lightly or flippantly in anyway.

This is not a witch-focused book the way the other Port Lewis books have been–Michael is a normal human–so if you’re a Pagan looking for more witchy books, this won’t quite be that. The aesthetic is definitely there in the background, though. And it is definitely quite enjoyable despite that.

I don’t know what else to say about this one. If you want M/M erotica with beautiful language and rough sex, you’ll love this. It’s great. If not, give it a miss.


Recommended for: fans of M/M erotica, monsterfucking, demon/human relationships, Hades/Persephone retellings, consensual erotica with rough sex


Mind the trigger warnings: Discussion of past abusive relationships, discussion of past sexual abuse, rough sex, drinking, scene of bloodletting, self-harm, depiction of anxiety, D/s situations